DIY: Nail Treatment

As a nail polish addict, I apply nail polish frequently. As pretty as my nails look with nail polish, they tend to look dull and yellow without nail polish. I’ve started doing this nail treatment to strengthen, soften and whiten my nails. I love taking care of my nails, whether it’s doing this nail treatment, or applying cuticle cream and oil daily.


– Baking Soda

– Olive Oil

– White Distilled Vinegar



First, pour a small amount of olive oil in two small bowls.

Second, pour the same amount of white distilled vinegar in both bowls.


Third, add a teaspoon of baking soda to both bowls. You must add the baking soda at the end because it will start to fizzle and you must place your hands in the bowls immediately. Leave your hands in the mixture for around 10 minutes or until the fizzle stops. Wash your hands to get rid of the vinegar smell but you’ll immediately notice how cleaner, softer and whiter your nails look!

IMG_1815 IMG_1816

I recommend doing this nail treatment once a week to keep it healthy and strong. Make sure your nails aren’t polished. It could be a treatment you do when you’ve removed your nail polish since nail polish remover can be damaging to your nails.





I’m not sure if you can see a difference – but you certainly can when you see it in real life!

Hope you enjoy this nail treatment. Let me know if you try it!

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