DIY Neon Nail Art

Hi Bellas!

I always loved nail art… ever since I was a teenager I loved challenging myself to do my own nail art. Simple tricks can make your nail art look professional! To get this summer neon nail art, all I needed was some tape to get the clean, precise lines in the triangle. This is a great nail design if you want to try neon nails but want a more subtle way of doing so. Continue reading if you want to learn how to create this easy nail design!

Neon Nails


  • Nail polishes of choice (I used Cookies n’ Cream by Ciate, Phosphorescence by Nail Station, Beach Cruiser by Orly, Skinny Dip by Orly, Glowstick by Orly, and Obsess by Illamasqua)
  • Scotch tape (any kind of tape will do)
  • Base coat and top coat (never miss this step when applying nail polish!)


1- Start with a base coat. I prefer using a strengthening base coat such as this Essie All In One multi-purpose strengthener, base and top coat.

2- Apply the base color. I opted for a neutral light taupe shade, but you can use whichever color you’d like! Let your nails set for a few hours. I would recommend starting the nail art the following day to ensure the nail polish doesn’t get ruined.


3- Apply two tapes to make a triangular shape on each nail. Make sure the tape is secure on the nail. Then start applying the contrasting nail polish. In my case, I chose a different neon shade for each nail. Let your nails dry for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Once you feel your nails are dry, remove the scotch tape.




4- Lastly, apply a top coat to protect your nail design.

Neon Nails 3

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