Gloss Thinks Pink Event

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I was delighted to attend Gloss Thinks Pink. Gloss Salon & Spa collaborated with Think Pink to organize an event to raise awareness about breast cancer and to highlight the importance of early detection. There has been a rise in women diagnosed with breast cancer in Bahrain and the GCC in general, and it really is an important issue to be educated about. The event fit in with September’s Breast Cancer Awareness theme.

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 Cookies with the Breast Cancer Ribbon

Dr. Samia Costandi, a two-time breast cancer survivor, gave an inspiring speech about her experience. She spoke about the hardships and how she dealt with them. She emphasized on the importance of regular check-ups. What I loved about her speech is that she had a humorous and light-hearted approach, which somehow made it easier for her to bear with it. She mentioned that she got dressed up for one of her appointments, to feel confident about herself and remind herself that she can still feel great despite being diagnosed with breast cancer. She even joked about how one of her sons shaved her head. I was truly captivated by her speech from beginning to end. Thankfully, Dr. Samia is cancer-free now.

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Dr. Samia Costandi Speaking About Her Experience

After Dr. Samia’s speech, there was a live auction of exclusive products, which included handbags, tea sets, cosmetic cases, and paintings by a Bahraini artist, Zahra Kazerooni. The live auction was an exciting aspect because there aren’t many live auctions in Bahrain! I’ve only been to one auction, so this was my second time to participate at an auction. I must admit the bidding process is fun! The bidding even got heated at some point because most of the attendees were happy to donate money for a good cause. The proceeds of the event were donated to Think Pink.

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Most of the Items That Were Auctioned

_MG_0676 smallerI got my hands on the cute cupcake tea pot!

_MG_0675My mom bid on this espresso set!

_MG_0723 smallerStunning Paintings by the Talented Zahra Karezooni

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Smiles During The Auction

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Heart-shaped Cakes!

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I love Jo Malone, so I couldn’t resist bidding on this Red Roses gift set!

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The Gift Set Included: Candle, Room Diffuser, Body Oil, Perfume, and Body Cream. Can’t wait to try everything!Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.50.00 PM

The Give-aways!

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I was in charge of showcasing the products during the auction!

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With My Colleagues <3

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Group Photo with My Colleagues <3


Everything Looked Beautiful!

For more information about Gloss Salon & Spa, visit their website:

For more information about Think Pink, visit their website:

Photography by Dana Khalid

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