The Make-up Maki Launch Event

I was thrilled to be part of the team who organized the Make-up Maki launch, a collaboration between Maki and The Make-up Manual. Who is The Make-up Manual? Her name is Mai Almoayed, and she is one of the first bloggers in Bahrain. What I love about her blog is that it is specifically about make-up and skincare. Though my blog has several categories, I really respect bloggers who focus on one of their passions and stick to it. I got to know Mai during the last few months and she is so kind and a fun person to be around! She is down-to-earth and makes me laugh hysterically!

During the event, the Founding Partners of Maki and Mai introduced the maki and explained the concept. At first glance the maki was visually beautiful. The Make-up Maki is an explosion of flavors for one’s taste buds. The Make-up Maki incorporates tempura prawn, avocado, rice pearl, wasabi flakes, drizzled extra virgin olive oil, topped with chopped tempura, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrots, thakwan, spring onion, and lastly, a drizzle of mango and strawberry sauce. The concept of the maki is to portray the beauty of make-up and colorful palettes, with a surprising twist of flavorful ingredients.

Mai’s closest friends and family, along with the press attended the private event. After the welcome speech, guests had the chance to taste the maki. I must say that the maki was interesting to taste. I love prawn tempura maki, and though the idea of sweet sauces sounded strange, it had a burst of flavor. If you like a combination of sweet and savoury, you will love this maki!


The Make-up Maki

Make-up & Maki Counter

 The Beautiful Counter with the Maki Ingredients, Decorated with Make-up


The Make-up Manual’s Favorite Make-up!

Maki Founders and Mai

From L to R: Chef Louis, Amer, Mai, Oliver, Joe

Photo with Mai

Photo with the Beautiful Mai

Group Photo 1

Dana, Dalal, Mai, Mariam & Me

Photo with Dunia

Photo with Dunia

Photo with the girls

Photo with Hala, Mariam and Nasreen

Group Pic 2

Spotted: The Sartori Ali


Georgina from Blonde in Bahrain and Jennifer

Group Photo with logo

With My Team

Photo with Mai 2

Close-up Photo with Mai – Doesn’t Her Make-up Look Flawless?!

Visit Maki at World Trade Center to try The Make-up Maki – which will definitely excite your taste buds!

Check out The Make-up Manual for make-up tips, product reviews or to book for her make-up classes!

Photography by Dana Khalid

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